Become an App Reseller

We offer a white label version of our app modular system for web designers, graphic designers and other professional groups who want to create smartphone apps for their customers.

You create the app of the customer directly with our App Builder. Once you’ve published the app and uploaded the app to iTunes and Google Play stores, you’ll send your login and password to your customer.

An example of a reseller can be found here under Media Hero here you can log in with these data to test the builder and see the White Label version of Media Hero.

Password: 123456

What costs do I have as an app reseller?

Of course, we want you to have your part on the whole story but  we can not offer this service for free.

The price per app incl. the creation of the iOS and Android installation file which you can upload to your shop in iTunes and Google Play as well as all current and future features in the App Builder, is a one time payment of 110, – Euro p/ APP plus 21% VAT.

From the 2nd App, the price will be 95, – Euro per app and from the 5th app only 80, – Euro per app plus VAT. Included in the price is always the creation of the installation files which you can upload to the App Stores.

In the first year the hosting will be inclusive and from the second year with a little fee from just 50, – Euro / year and app plus 21% VAT. If you have more then 5 Apps, the hosting fees will be reduced to 25, – Euro per app plus VAT.

You only have to pay for the use of the app modular system, if you want to publish the app of your customer. Until this point you can test everything first!

How do I create my White Label version?

  1. Create a CName entry for your subdomain where the customer can log in later. If not already present, create the subdomain. Here you can create the entry:
  2. Create an account at, select “White Label Editor” at the top of the menu and enter your subdomain and, if desired, the mail adress. Do not forget to save your data!
  3. Now you can upload your logo and favicon in the menu “Customize my Editor” and edit the color settings.
  4. Log on to the Ticket & Reseller page and create a support ticket, to get your White Label version released. Please note that the CName entry can take up to 24 hours before you can login to your subdomain.
  5. Once we have unlocked the system, you can login with the same access data on your subdomain.

How do I create an app for my client?

If you want to create an app for your customer, please do the following:

  • Create a new account at As a mail you use
  • Now you can login to your White Label version and create the app.
  • Once the app has been released and you want to give your customer’s access data, just change it in “My account” the mail address and maybe name, address, etc.